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Increased sales and reduced bounce rate with onsite promotion banners

No longer does Pixizoo have to rely on intrusive pop ups to push promotions. 








Pixizoo is Denmark's largest online children's equipment store. It offers a wide selection of the most popular products on the market.



Online children's store Pixizoo saw its customers were getting so overwhelmed with its wide selection of products that it was becoming a hassle to browse.


They wanted a solution to highlight selected products and draw attention to specific offers to provide a better browsing experience and encourage more sales.



Pixizoo case video

With iPaper Display Pixizoo has built onsite banners to promote selected products, weekly offers and brand specific campaigns across its online store. Whether on the homepage or a category page, shoppers can interact with the banners to find out more about products, watch videos and click through to each individual product page.


Thanks to this new shopping experience, shoppers are now exposed to more products in an inviting and inspiring way. No longer does Pixizoo have to rely on intrusive pop ups to push promotions. They have improved product discovery and now encourage shoppers to browse and click.



Since using iPaper Display to improve product discovery and it's shopping experience, Pixizoo has found that:

  • Sessions that have interacted with an iPaper banner have a significantly higher conversion rate compared to the online store average.

  • Since implementing iPaper, there has been a drop in bounce rate across the whole store.


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