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Increase engagement by adding a new layer to your digital catalog

Information and inspiration are key in a shopper’s browsing and decision phase. Retailers need to provide that information in an easy, frictionless way in the digital catalog. You can do so, with just a single extra CTA called Display.

Show related products
Guide shoppers through your flipbook
Add product guides and information
Tablet device showing example of Display feature within a catalog on the screen's left side, with instructions and navigation

So, what information could shoppers be looking for, and how could it be provided in a digital catalog using a single CTA like Display?

Show related products

Few products are sold in a vacuum and used on their own.

For example, when looking for a gaming PC, the shopper might want to complete the experience with a keyboard, mouse or desk chair.

Guide shoppers through your flipbook

You can provide guidance directly in the flipbook on how to navigate, add products to cart and checkout.

To ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Add product guides and information

Guide shoppers on how to use your products to get the best results.

For example, add recipes so shoppers can easily imagine what they will use the ingredients on sale for.

Give shoppers what they need

Shoppers need information to properly evaluate your products.

Make sure you provide the relevant information in your digital catalog.

This way, you add more layers to your flipbook to increase interaction and engagement.

If you want to learn more about Display, click here.

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