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31 May 2016

4 Simple Ways to Engage Your Readers by Creating Online Magazines

An increasing number of businesses in all types industries have begun to discover the value of content marketing, a concept designed to attract members of your target audience via relevant, high-quality digital content. But even as the benefits of content marketing are increasingly evident, most marketers embracing the concept still lack in one key area: audience engagement.

To be sure, content itself can be engaging. By highlighting topics relevant to your audience, you can encourage action and turn readers into customers and followers. But if you truly want to engage your readers, a simple PDF of your print brochure will not be enough. The best online magazine content offers interactivity to your audience. When creating online magazines try one (or all!) of the four ways below to achive reader engagement.

1. Mobile Responsiveness

Let's begin with the most basic necessity for reader engagement. If you want your content to speak to your users, it needs to adjust seamlessly to the screen size they use. A PDF may look great on a desktop computer, but in today's increasingly mobile-dominated world, that's no longer enough.

Have you tried to view a PDF print magazine on your smartphone? It's not a pleasant experience. Instead, your content should be optimized for all devices, which you can achieve with HTML5. It gets your audience to embrace the content, making them more likely to take further action.

2. ENgage readers with Integrated Forms

If you truly embrace content marketing, chances are you don't just have one piece of content available for your audience. Instead, you may use it as part of the lead generation and nurturing funnel, guiding readers through a conversion process that leaves them increasingly likely to become your customers.

To get to that point, you need multiple pieces of content, accessible by multiple sign up forms. What if you could branch off these forms from directly within your magazine or catalog content? Think about it: a user reads your magazine, and can sign up for a webinar related to one of its discussion items from within the document. You reduce friction and remove extra steps from your readers' content journey, while simultaneously increasing their chances of converting to customers.


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3. In-Document Animations

The majority of PDF documents are, above all, static. Visuals consist only of images, offering little opportunity for audience interaction. But convert your PDF via a digital magazine creator like iPaper, and the interactivity increases drastically. 

For example, you can include embedded video or animations into your online magazine to support your points. Dynamic visuals dramatically enhance your content marketing, as experts consider video to be the type of content with the single highest ROI. Instead of linking to your videos or animations, why not include them right within your documents?

4. USE Shopping Capabilities to engage readers

Finally, especially content aimed at prospects toward the bottom of the sales funnel often includes Calls-to-Action that are directly related to signing up for a subscription or becoming customers. They generally link to the e-commerce enabled part of your website.

But, as is the case with integrated forms, reducing friction in completing the sales process can lead to significant conversion rate improvements. If your audience does not have to leave the document to open a separate website in order to become a customer, but can complete the same process from within that same document, your reader-to-customer rates will improve dramatically. Especially if you use catalog-type content, integrating e-commerce capabilities can benefit your business and improve reader engagement.

Does your marketing content engage your readers through the entire time they're reading it? To make the most of your content marketing efforts, it should. Ultimately, reader engagement leads to higher conversion rates and an improved ROI for your entire business.



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Ninna Lauridsen

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