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Benefits Of Using Video In Online Publishing iPaper
08 Jun 2016

Reading Engagement: increase it By Using Video In Online Publishing

No matter which industry you are in, or who your target audience is, you need to stand out if you want to survive. Not only do you need to attract and engage your target audience, but you need to coax them away from the competition and ensure that you stand out as a market or thought leader. This is where reading engagement comes in. This challenge can prove quite daunting, but thankfully there are a few creative tricks you can use to get noticed that will hook visitors, engage visitors and bring them back time and time again.One of those tricks is to create interactive online catalogs — catalogs that offer something a little more than words and static images. Video, for example, is one of the most effective tools you can use to engage your visitors, and keep them entertained and informed. Thanks to high-speed connections and mobile devices, video can be viewed from practically anywhere there is Internet connectivity. Studies show that video is an effective tool to boost reading engagement on especially social media. 

Deliver Your Message Quickly and in High Definition

Unless your online catalogs has attracted visitors who have record-breaking speed-reading skills, they will be able to take on information they see and hear much faster than information they have to read. Video is a great way to achieve more views and a better understanding of what you have to say in a shorter time. While video shouldn't be used to replace the written word everywhere, it is the perfect complement to your content and will add a lot of weight to your message overall.

Use Video to Create Personality and Increase REading engagement

You can create personality with writing, images and branding in your online publishing, but it's video that really gives you all-singing, all-dancing marketing platform. Whether you need to create online magazines or embed video into a presentation, videos and pop-up videos can be delivered in line with the personality of your business or organization. From hip, cool and fun to corporate, professional and slick, video gives you the freedom to present your company culture and message in any way you like. It's can increase the reading engagement highly, as people are vey visual and especially the newer generations use and watch videos widely online. 

Learn how to create video for your online publications

Increase Your Reach 

Just as you can increase your reach publishing your blog posts on your social media accounts, you can do the same with your interactive online publications. By sharing your content across as many channels as possible, you stand a much better chance of not only having that content seen, but shared with others, too. If you do this well, your followers will do a lot of the hard work for you, effectively becoming brand advocates that give you lots of exposure to others for free. 

Benefits Of Using Video In Online Publishing iPaper

Encourage Repeat Visits 

It's never a bad thing when somebody visits your website, but it is a bad thing when your website visitors leave without converting into customers or never come back again. Hold their interest and stay fresh in their minds by exposing them to your value propositions through video.

By adding useful, engaging and entertaining video, you can deliver your target message without your visitors even realizing it. Practically any online document can be enriched with video, whether you choose to have your own custom video commissioned or you choose one of the millions of stock videos available to buy.

Boozt REading Engagement with CTA's

In a world of "me too" organizations, video offers many benefits to the company looking to stand out from the crowd, and try something a little different to engage its audience. Whether you choose an animated explainer video to sell a product or a corporate sales video to promote a service, video can do wonders for your visitor and conversion rates. CTA's with the word sounding and design are also an active player in boozting reading engagement and encourage visitors to read more, interact, share etc. 

If you want more inspiration for making your online publications interactive with video, I recommend that your download this Free eBook about Crafting Attention-Grabbing CTAs to get the best exposure of your content or start a free 14-day tryout period to see how iPaper can help you create online magazines that use video to engage your readers.



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