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4 Ways Successful Brands Generate Leads From Their Online Catalogs

Your online catalog plays an important role in your lead generation strategy.

Data shows that readers spend up to 3 times as long looking at a brand's interactive catalog than they do browsing that same companies website.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t take full advantage of the tools available to generate leads from their online catalogs. Meaning they miss an opportunity to convert potential customers.

Sure, they create catalogs that look amazing, with incredible pictures or products, but forget to include enough lead generation features.

We've identified 4 ways successful brands generate leads directly from their online catalogs that you can emulate in your own lead generation campaigns.

1. They Brand Their Viewer

2. They Employ Storytelling

3. They Make It Easy To Get In Touch And Buy

4. They Track Their Performance And Statistics


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1. They Brand their Viewer

Branding publication viewers (essentially your online catalog's background) with custom images, colors, logo plus a branded domain is one way successful brands build trust with readers. It creates a fuller experience of the brand, meaning they're more likely to remember them the next time they check out their catalogs.

Kvik is an excellent example of a company that thoroughly brands their background. The logo is clear on the top left bar and the background image reflects the one used on Kvik's actual kitchen website meaning there's visual consistency across web channels. (3)

2. They Employ Storytelling

Everyone loves a story. Stories are how people learn and build trust with each other. Building trust is essential to any business which is why many businesses use inspirational catalogs to tell a story about their brand.

Take a look at the highly interactive BLUS magazine, a companion magazine that is published alongside wholesaler AB Catering's produce catalog. It focuses on providing interesting stories about the produce AB Catering sell to customers by using compelling images, videos and animations to engage readers. But not only that, they also use the newsticker at the bottom of the page as a lead generator to encourage readers follow their Instagram page. 

2018-11-15 09_57_00-BLUS - Danmarks gastronomiske foodservicemagasin—Side 8

3. They Make it Easy to Get in Touch and Buy

After capturing your readers' attention with a compelling story and visuals, you need to get down to the real task at hand. Inspiring them to get in touch with you. Whether that's signing up for a newsletter, booking a test drive or actually buying the product, the focus of all this hard work is to convert readers. 

Good online catalog creators allow you to embed links in your catalog (our's even does it for you automatically). Check out Danish interior fixture company, Bedre Bad's catalog below. They'v embedded links on each product and overlayed it with a buy button. Making it possible for readers to buy any products they want as they browse. (7)

4. They Track THEIR Performance With Statistics

If you aren't sure whether your whether your online catalogs are helping you generate leads, you need to start collecting data to track your performance.

It's crucial to understand where your readers come from, as well as how they found and interact with your online catalogs. Are your readers all first-time visitors, or have some of them returned to your catalog to find out more? This is the kind of information that successful brands use to form their design and layout decisions as well as shape their lead generation strategies and campaigns. Why not do it too? 


Before you start using an online catalog creator or a tool that can convert PDF to HTML5, think carefully about how you will incorporate lead generation into your design. Creating an incredible catalog is a vital first step to engaging readers but it's still just the first step on your journey to convert. 


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