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15 Jun 2016

Market Your Brand Easily With Interactive Digital Annual Reports

Digital annual reports have revolutionized the way companies interact with clients. The can be an effective way to market your brand is used correctly. Not only are they cheaper to produce than print summaries, but they also let brands communicate engaging narratives that promote products, services and drive fundraising with highly effective visuals and interactive features. The result? Digital annual reports, optimized for both desktop and mobile, that propel business growth. Learn how to market your brand with interactive catalogs. Here's how your business could benefit from enriched interactive online publications.

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Use Analytics to Track Your Campaigns

Brands that use print reports have no way to measure their success. Interactive online publications have changed all of that, providing you with a significant return on your investment. Companies now use powerful analytics to track who has viewed a document. This data provides marketers with deep insights into campaigns and which sections of a summary resonate the most with readers. Setting up analytics is simple: just connect your digital annual report to your Google Analytics account to discover how many people interact with your document.

Data analytics lets you segment your customer base into smaller chunks, identify marketing opportunities and facilitate cost-cutting initiatives, something that's much harder to do with old paper reports. Moreover, 44 percent of marketers now focus their data efforts on audience analytics and measurement, according to a study from Global DMA and the Winterberry Group.

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Use Video to Boost Engagement and market your brand

Video has the power to bring personal stories to life and is an excellent way to market your brand. An annual digital report lets you incorporate videos into your report, so you no longer have to rely on just text to get your message across. Unlike with paper summaries, readers can play a video from inside a report, letting them interact with content in an innovative way. This annual report, produced for Midttrafik, is a perfect example of how video enhances content (page 10). Video is a great way to market your brand. 

Video transforms your B2B strategy. 59 percent of executives prefer to watch video than to read text, according to Forbes, and 46 percent of viewers take some sort of action after watching a video online. With passive documents like paper summaries, you won't be able to target lucrative, video-savvy clients, something that could jeopardize your brand in the long run.


Include Visuals to Get Your Point Across

To save on printing costs, many companies sacrifice colorful visuals in their annual paper reports. With digital annual reports, you can include compelling visuals — to illustrate industry statistics and relevant data — without having to worry about the price. Take this report, for example, which was produced for the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority. The document includes vivid images, infographics and charts that guide the reader from one section to the next.

Create an online magazine with visuals like infographics and illustrations if you want to communicate your company values and market your brand to a huge audience. Sixty-five percent of senior marketing executives say visual assets are crucial when describing their brand story. Unlike with conventional paper reports, users can find data quickly by using the search feature, print off multiple copies of the document and click on embedded web links to find out more information about a topic.

Market your brand with exciting and engaging online publications

Annual reports with an overwhelming amount of data can be a chore to get through. Lighten the load with exciting, engaging digital summaries that increase the visibility of your brand and advertise your services. Thousands of companies churn out the same summaries every year, leading to report fatigue. An interactive online publication sets you apart from your rivals.

If you'd like more inspiration for designing your digital annual reports, I recommend this free eBook about Designing for Digital. Or if you are more of a "learning by doing" type, you can start a free account. No strings attached.

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