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Promote offers across your online store






As an ecommerce business you most likely have a page that shows all your products on offer. It's probably a huge long grid of products that may not make any sense or have any relevance to each other. It's a confusing page for any shopper to land on and, for most brands, it rarely converts. Why? Because, despite being full of savings, no one is going to sit and scroll through a grid of random products simply in the hope they might find what they're looking for. 


Shoppers rarely use offers pages to look for a specific product. They simply want to have a browse and see what's on offer. So if you give them a huge grid of random products to scroll through, they'll just turn away. You need to improve how you present your offers by creating inspirational shoppable content that's designed to convert. 



With iPaper, you can transform how you present your offers using a catalog or product promotion banner. Don't hide them away in your menu bar, put them front and center of your online store to attract traffic and increase engagement. Whether you choose to highlight a selection of your offers or your entire range, you can build a channel specifically designed for browsing. 


Use images, videos, product links and more to tell the story of your products, inspire shoppers and encourage them to click. You can then use your iPaper channels as the CTA across your social media and email marketing campaigns to immediately draw traffic in and encourage them to convert.



By using iPaper to promote your offers, you'll help to build awareness of your products, create a more personalized experience and increase views and conversions on your offers. No longer will your customers have to scroll through a static landing page full of irrelevant products. They can immediately get inspired and because of this, you'll boost sales and reduce your bounce rate. 



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