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Black Friday blog

How to beat the competition this Black Friday

Black Friday is set to be very different this year. Thanks to Covid-19 stores around the world will remain closed and shoppers unwilling to risk the exposure of large crowds. But the need to shop and get the best deals is still there. So, more shoppers than ever before are predicted to buy online.


Ecommerce has grown significantly this year. But while there's now more shoppers, there's also a lot more competition. So, this Black Friday, how can you make your store stand out? How can you persuade shoppers to buy from you?


The answer is, make it easy. Make it so easy to see your Black Friday offers that they simply have to buy then and there. But how?


Highlight your most popular offers


Don't listen to your intuition and show all your offers at once. Whilst it might seem like the logical thing to do, you'll actually overwhelm shoppers and they'll simply leave.


Sometimes people are happy to scroll through a long list of unrelated products. But on Black Friday weekend, there's no time to mess around. Shoppers have done their research beforehand. They know what they want. They just want to get in and get out. 


So instead, highlight a selection of your most popular offers in a product promotion banner. Curate a well-designed, engaging and intuitive banner that shoppers instantly interact with. Black Friday is all about price. So all you need to show is the product image and the saving they'll make by shopping with you. Keep it simple. In a product promotion banner you can do exactly that. 


Black Friday Display Variations



Create category specific promotions


If you have a wide range of products you should create tailored promotion banners for each individual category. For example, a department store could have individual banners for home, electronics, garden and clothing. 


By doing this, you'll lead shoppers to deals they actually want. One of the biggest complaints about Black Friday is that shoppers are too often shown discounts they're not interested in. If you create category specific banners, shoppers will only see the deals they might like. 


It's an intuitive journey. It's an easy way to explore. And it's a simple shopping journey. Shoppers can easily find deals relevant to them and instantly buy.


Engage your social media audience


You want your Black Friday shoppers to act fast. The ideal Black Friday shopper is one that won't look around to price match products. If they're immediately inspired and believe they're getting a good saving, they'll buy straight away.


So, use your promotion banners in your social media campaigns to instantly capture your target audience. When they click your ad and land straight on a banner full of shoppable discounts, they simply won't be able to leave.


Relevant products at incredible discounts only a click away - who doesn't want that?


Black Friday 2020 will certainly be different. But there's still time to prepare. You need to do what you can to stand out. You need to make shopping easy. You need to think about what kind of experience your shoppers want. What can you do to persuade them to buy?


With promotion banners, you can highlight a small selection of your discounts to attract and inspire shoppers. Use them across your marketing channels to appeal to your wide audience and make it easy to buy. You don't need to make it complicated for you or your shoppers. Keep it simple! 


To find out everything you need to know about making an onsite promotion banner, click here.


About the author

Jo Molloy

Jo Molloy

Jo is passionate about brand storytelling and loves to write. A self-confessed chocoholic and TV addict, she is always on the look out for the latest trends and hopes to share her knowledge and enlighten you with her insightful blogs.

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