Increase readers and website traffic with digital catalogs

La Casa Moderna doubled its catalog sessions and tripled website traffic with iPaper.

"We really enjoy working with the platform and we have been surprised by the impact iPaper has had on our business."

- Stefano Borasi, CEO at La Casa Moderna

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Digital catalogs as a powerful campaign and eCommerce tool 

Cosmetics giant Yves Rocher push their catalogs on social channels to increase volume of readers. They convert their readers into buyers with in-catalog WhatsApp checkout.

"The results of our digital catalogs are beyond expectations! It became the best performing brand communication tool of the company in a few weeks."

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Webshop integration for seamless buying experience on any device

With the eCommerce integration from iPaper, Fleggaard connects products in their digital catalogs with their webshop. Customers can place orders instantly without ever having to leave the catalog, on any device.

"Today, more than 10% of our orders contain items added to the basket from the digital catalog and that is without having done any kind of marketing or explanation of the function to the customers."


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What's the secret behind Xindao's incredible online catalogs?

"Once our catalogs are uploaded to iPaper, it's really like a playground. Our main focus is how to make the catalogs as visually appealing as possible. What's great about it, compared to the print catalogs, is that it allows us to include our product videos, animations and so forth."

-  Agnes Heinrichs, Senior Graphic Designer



Direct route from browsing shopper to buying customer 

Readers can scroll through the digital catalogs, add products to their basket and simply send their basket to their local sales rep over WhatsApp. 

“We really enjoy working with iPaper. It has helped modernize how we showcase our products and allowed us to connect with a whole new audience.” 

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Engage more shoppers with interactive digital catalogs

SPAR uses digital catalogs to engage and activate more customers thanks to a more intuitive catalog experience and an impressive distribution plan.

“We have increased our catalog sessions by 40% per week. This is incredible for us and shows just how important our catalogs are to our customers. They have become an integral part of our marketing activity.”

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Handle sales requests with email ordering in the digital catalog

United Drug uses digital catalogs to increase speed to market and get online orders without implementing a large scale eCommerce setup.

"Digital catalogs are a great transition tool for moving our clients from print to digital, and our online orders are growing significantly - week on week."    

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