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Create a home page experience that inspires






Your home page is the window into your online store. It should inspire customers to engage with and discover your products. But instead, most online stores overwhelm traffic with far too many product categories leaving them no option but to turn away.


With so much ecommerce competition out there and an overwhelming 46% of today's online shoppers simply wanting to browse, your home page needs to stand out to win the fight for conversions. You need to create a home page experience that immediately inspires your traffic to browse, engage and buy.



With iPaper, you can create an immediate impact and kick-start your customer's journey by providing a channel purely designed for browsing. Whether its a shoppable catalog or a product promotion banner, use iPaper to highlight a selection of your products, your latest offers or simply inspire with an exciting mix of products, photos and videos. 


We'll help you build an intuitive shopping experience that guides shoppers to the products they desire. Like we said, your homepage is the window to your store. With iPaper, you'll entice your traffic to step into your store and discover more.



By using iPaper to improve your home page experience, you'll create a channel that attracts those shoppers who just want to browse. Shoppers immediately have something to get inspired by and by providing this, you'll increase conversions, reduce your bounce rate and improve engagement throughout your store.




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