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Lifestyle magazine who built ITS business on the ipaper platform

The media is a combination of website, newsletter and their free online lifestyle magazine about life within the equestrian field. The life style magazine is created in an iPaper. The main function of the online lifestyle magazine is to present lifestyle articles, portraits, strong coverages, to give tips and to make the readers become wiser on current trends. The magazine shows the inspiring life with horses. The aim is to make valuable content about the equestrian world and the lifestyle associated with it, for both passionate horse people and people who have little knowledge within the field. 

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Malgré Tout is Denmark’s newest digital media for riders and people with different horse related sports as their passion and profession.  At you are easily updated with news, get inspiration to your life with horses and informed about product news. Malgré Tout is run by owners Troels Højvig and Desirée Larsen. They have a mutual passion for horses and the equestrian world and for sharing the knowledge of this area. Malgré Tout is independent of horse races, disciplines and associations.


The digital flipbook is the main corner stone for the business concept

The digital magazine is published 6 times a year and is free to read on both desktop, tablet and smartphone. As the magazine is always online, it is available 24/7 all year round without any log in or subscription. 

Even though the magazine is totally free to read, Malgré Tout has managed to build their business based on the iPaper platform.

Our magazine is a lifestyle product within the equestrian world. The iPaper flipbook is an important corner stone for our business concept. We have built our business around the iPaper flipbook, where different companies buy ad space in our life style magazine. We make a business in this flipbook product. 


Troels Højvig, CEO Malgré Tout

Malgre Tout’s customers can buy different types of ad space such as single pages, double spreads, or a digital insert as you would know it from a traditional printed magazine.




We asked Troels; "Why did you choose iPaper as your solution?"


It is the best solution we could find. We looked at some of the competitors, but the whole reading experience was not as good as with iPaper. It is very easy to use and we can put beautiful design layer over. On top of that the heat map function is brilliant. Here you get a super important knowledge, which you don’t get with either print magazines or many other digital documents.  


Malgré Tout uses the heat map function as an important selling point for their customers, as knowledge is the most important thing for the customers.

The heat map gives my customers and me an important knowledge back, which we can’t get anywhere else. My customers use the heat map statistics very much. They can see exactly which content the readers are interested in. For instance, we have noticed that people tend to zoom in on fact boxes. This is a super important and valuable knowledge. 

heat map.png


From above example from one of the previous magazines, you can see that there is most activity around the play button.  


But people seem to think they can click further, even though there is only an image and a text. Great opportunity to improve the pages with more interactive elements. Learning by doing and optimizing based on facts and statistics, will improve the reading experience of your digital documents. 

 It would be a great shame if people don’t use all the knowledge that’s available in the product. Every one of my customers is flabbergasted by the heat map function. 

Magazine displayed on 75 iPads at horse fair

As the digital flipbook is one of the corner stones for the success of Malgré Tout, the company actively uses the digital magazine in every aspect of its business. 

As an example, watch this 10 second video to see how they incorporated the magazine at a horse show in Odense Congress Center. They rented 75 Ipads and had the magazine displayed all over the riding hall, so customers and other interested could see and use it. 

According to Troels Højvig, they want to make the magazine even more interactive in the future.

We have made several new initiatives within content marketing. This makes it possible to combine the written word with web banners and digital  interactive ads. This means that we can use our online communication channels much more effectively, and as an advertiser, who will experience a larger effect of your messages.